Touch for Health

When a person has a problem of almost any type, whether it is physical, emotional, chemical or nutritional there will be an imbalance within the meridians. Some of the meridians will be higher in energy and some will be lower in energy (relative to each other).


By using Touch for Health a practitioner can determine where these imbalances are and use simple touch techniques to remove the imbalances. Once the imbalances are corrected the body is able to function closer to its optimum level. Symptoms are usually greatly reduced or are completely gone.


A session is usually 60 to 75 minutes long. A discussion will take place during the initial session. I will then describe the session to the client, give an opportunity to discuss any particular problems or issues she or he is experiencing.


Touch for Health is carried out fully clothed. However, it is necessary that the practitioner is touching the client when testing muscles and balancing them.


Touch for Health does not replace the visit to a medical doctor or to other holistic practitioners.



Nutrition Testing

By using the Touch for Health technique we can test which nutrition, vitamins or mineral works best for your body.